Artist’s Statement

Light is reflected not only from the stars but found in the fractals of life, within the  body itself. After looking at the unity of life from fractals and chaos theory to the enormity of infinity in the universe of astrophysics, these images began to emerge. My body was that of the Universe. The urge  to express this beauty created this combination of the corporeal with the images of the Hubble telescope, and led to creativity workshops and the Dances of Universal Peace,  (I am a certified instructor) enabling an outflow into the world. 

The torsos, which are in relief, are created first from clay, then paper pulp, hardened with cellulose, and are permanent.

The sanded pieces are created by simply sanding a blank paper and letting the light placed underneath emerge. There is no drawing or pigment whatsoever, and this is a totally unique process. At one point I became tired of  adding and adding on to paper, so the process began to remove everything until the white of the paper. Then, by chance, as I tried to remove  a spot  on a paper by sanding it off, I  passed in front of a light- and to my joy, there was this beautiful face , so I kept sanding until the figure  “joy” emerged on it’s own, in one shot. A series then emerged which I am still working with. 

The shadow photos are the perfect counter-balance to the light- and a perfect lesson for me-when light is too strong, look at the shadow. I was in Arizona, and everything was washed out  by the intensity of the sun. I noticed that only in the shadow was there any detail and recognizable information. Hence this series was born!

The prints came about mostly from taking drawings I had done and reworking them in photoshop, printing them, reworking them again, etc……to produce series in a way I never had before. Creation at a new level, I loved the process. 

Drawings are charcoal, some pastel, and the spirals are drawn on Mylar over paper. They were drawn in the desert of Arizona, after an experience of universal proportion, in an attempt to capture the vastness of this experience. 

My wish is for people to see the process that these years of art have brought, and if it could nourish anyone even a little, the way it has nourished me, then I am grateful. This is what I wrote on my last work before a vernissage a while back.

“whether right or wrong,
whether received or rejected,
it does not matter
is not matter
not madder.
The work is done now,
and I am grateful.”

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